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Non-Woven Hats & Caps

Features and Benefits


Best looking hats available - maintains shape and appearance longer than linen hats when subjected to uk swiss breitling the heat and steam created in the kitchen.

Cooler and more absorbent than linen or paper hats.

Disposable - eliminates the cost of lost or damage of linen hats.

Multiple uses - can be worn for several days prior to disposal, achieving a price per use comparable to paper hats.

Competitively priced - approximately at the normal price of merely cleaning and starching pleated linen hats.

Reduced storage cube - 50 folded hats will fit into less space than allocated for 12 tapered nested paper hats.

10 pack poly bags ease storage, reduce damage and assure cleanliness.

Tall vertical pleated style in 4 sizes: 7", 9", 10" & 11-1/2".

European style in 3 sizes: 9", 10" & 11-1/2".

New Flat Printed Pleat style (bulk packed) in 4 sizes: 7", 8", 9" & 10".

3" Forage caps available - commonly known as cook, baker or overseas cap.

Pressure sensitive tape to secure hats after adjusting for head size.

Custom printing available - Up to three Colors

UPC codes on both poly bags and outer cases provide both a convenient cash and carry rolex uk pack and computerized warehousing.



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