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Paper Chef Hats & Caps

Features and Benefits

Reduced storage cube - 100 folded hats will fit into less space than allocated for 12 tapered nested paper hats.

Return on cube - savings result in reduced storage space and transportation costs.

10 pack poly bags ease storage, reduce damage and assure cleanliness.

Tall vertical pleated style in 4 adjustable sizes: 7", 9", 10" and 11-1/2" with optional sweatbands. Each item includes pressure sensitive tape to secure after adjusting for head size.

European style 9" adjustable hat available sweatbands optional.

3" Ventilated Forage caps reduces body heat. These caps are commonly known as cook, baker or overseas cap.

Ready-Wear 7", 9", and 10" w/ sweatbands available - These tapered nested tall vertical pleated style hats are packed 12 per case.

Competitively priced to reduce your supply costs.

Custom printing available up to three colors.

UPC codes on both poly bags and outer cases provide both a convenient cash and carry pack and computerized warehousing.



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